Lipolaser, often called as non-invasive fat reduction body contouring
treatments, is a new technology  do not require an incision or
anesthesia, and downtime.
Lipolaser machine emits low levels laser energy, which creates a
chemical signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored fat to the
triglycerides and then into free fatty acids, glycerol and water
molecules. This is the same natural response initiated by the body
anytime it needs to use its stored energy reserves (fat cells). Then
products of lipolysis transported throughout the lymphatic system to
supply the body with energy. Treatment also reduced fat cell size
which demonstrated in the inches loss.

A post treatment exercise ensures the complete metabolism of
freed fatty acids, shrinking the fat cells and delivering the body
shaping results our clients are looking for. These non-invasive fat
treatments permanently reduce fat cell size which
demonstrated in the inches loss.

body contouring treatment is a non-destructing normal body
metabolism, targeted fat reduction only on the targeted areas so
excessive fat deposits can be treated anywhere on the body and the
fat cells are not destroyed as a result of treatment. Lipo Laser
treatment targeted circumferential fat reduction and has many
advantages over other body shaping technologies

Treatment Advantages:

•  Safe and effective, not invasive procedure uses low level red laser
light to create a safe and painless stimulation is of the normal
chemical pathways to free up reserved energy resources stored in
•  Treatment is painless, even relaxing and requires no down time,
not interferes normal daily activities and requires only 30 min of
client’s time.
•   Treats all skin types and most body parts such as chin, neck,
breasts, back, knees, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms etc
•   Stimulates collagen production and reduces appearance of the

Contraindications are the following:
People with severe heart conditions, high blood pressure, cardiac
Pacemarker, acute inflammation, asthma, deep vein thrombosis,
thyroid diseases, cancer, hemorrhagic diseases, pregnancy. People
with medical artificia plastic or metal body parts, silicone breast
implants. People with HIV/Aids or other immunocompromised

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