Laser Hair Removal Pocono PA

If you live in Tannersville, Trout Lake or Stroudsburg in Pocono area
in Pennsylvania,  you can  visit our office for laser hair removal, laser
facial including photofacial, laser acne and rosacea treatments.

LightPod Neo® Nd:YAG laser with MicroPulse-1064™ technology
from Aerolase is now a gold-standard technology for hair removal
due to its unique ability for high efficacy pain free treatment with  
maximum safety in treating all skin types or tan skin.

You can also have cosmetic procedures such as
Restylane® and Microdermabrasion in Laser Hair Removal
Pocono PA office.

To choose a location in New Jersey, go to
Laser Hair Removal New
Jersey page.

Imagine getting laser hair removal for unwanted hair done. Imagine
not having to shave, tweeze, wax or bleaching unwanted hair.
Imagine yourself with smooth, hair-free skin. How would it feel?  

Laser Hair Removal Pennsylvania offers you the chance to have
smooth and sleek looking legs, chest or sexy neat bikini line.

The first step for you would be a visit one of our offices for a free
consultation and a free laser skin test.

Our trained staff will provide you with detailed information regarding
treatment you are interested in and answer questions you may have.

More details on Laser Hair Removal treatment on
 Laser Hair
Removal Technology  page.

Laser Hair Removal in New Jersey - Locations

Laser Hair Removal NJ  This page will allow you to find the nearest
location to schedule an appointment.
Advanced Laser Center has multiple locations throughout New
Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Laser Hair Removal Price List

Affordable prices, Free Consultations, Free Skin Test

For more details  please check out our   Laser Hair Removal price  

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